Riding tours

The Red Lake trail


The so-called pearl of the Eastern Carpathians Chain, Red Lake is a unique natural rarity with the remains of a fir-wood lying under the lake, its deep-green waters mirroring the rocks of Suhardul Mic, being in the vicinity of Bicaz Gorges, a cracking valley in the limestone that’s hard to forget. A five-day trail-riding offers an excellent opportunity to visit and become acquainted with this impressive and unique natural phenomemon and its surroundings.


1st Day – Monday

After a short testing of our guests’ riding skills, the suitable horses are chosen, then we set off for the tour. The plain hay-field let you test the horses at a gallop, and on a really steep path we reach Pricske Peak. Here, at the bottom of the cross we have a picnic, after which on a grassy ridge we slope downwards the narrow valley of the Belchiei Stream, where we spend our first night.

Distance: 23 km

2nd Day- Tuesday

After breakfast we set off for a one-hour ride on the banks of the stream and we leave the valley to climb up the Medias mountain-pass, then the Medias Peak, from where on the rigde of the Hasmas Mountains we reach the Lonely Peak. The panorama is worth all the efforts, as we can see two basins (Gheorgheni and Ciuc) from here. In the east Moldova’s hills and rocky regions and right under us Ciahlau’s enormous limestone rocks can be seen. We have a picnic at he hostel at the bottom of the Lonely Peak , then we descend to Haromkut on a steep path.

In this ciangau village we spend the night at a local farmer.

Distance: 25 km

3rd Day- Wednesday

Riding in the valley of Little Bicaz Stream we arrive at Red Lake and round it, after which we leave the horses at their shelters while we walk across the Bicaz Gorges. If there’s will and energy for it, we climb up the Little Suhard to enjoy the views from at sunset.

We spend the night at Red Lake.

Distance: 15 km.

4th Day- Thursday

Leaving Red Lake on an old railway we reach Pongracz Peak, which is the highest point between Gheorgheni and Red Lake. If we are lucky, here we can taste the so-called ”zsendice”, which is the by-product of cheese found only at shepherd’shelter.

On the old railway we descend to the valleyof the Bechiei, where we spent our first night as well.

Distance: 25 km.

5th Day- Friday

Returning in the Gheorgheni basin and on the Sipos ridge we arrive at Sugo Cave, and after a picnic and a visit in the cave we return to Gheorgheni.

Distance: 25 km

The price includes the tours, lodging, and 2 meals a day (breakfast, dinner). It does not include the travel costs, soft and alcoholic beverages. The accomodation is in double rooms with bathroom.

Weekend riding tours in the Giurgeu Mountains


The Giurgeu Mountains, part of volcanic chains in the Eastern Carpathians, are situated north from Harghita, lying on the western borders of the Gheorgheni basin. Proof of its ”untouched” nature and wilderness is the fact that there are still no usable tourist maps of it. Yet, or why not, due to this it offers excellent riding and biking trails. For those on a riding trail there is a unique experience to ride across the vast hay fileds and then on narrow paths across the pine woods.

Spend a whole weekend on horseback with us to become acquainted with this wonderful region.

Arrival: Thursday afternoon or Fiday morning

1st Day

After shortly testing the riding skills of the guests horses are chosen, and we set off for the trail. Mostly on plain hay-fields we cross the basin E-W. Crossing the River Mures we arrive in Borzont and have lunch. After a short rest on a mountaineous trail we reach the Bucin Peak, where we spend the night in a pension. Distance: 33 km.

2nd Day

From the Bucin Peak we continue our trail across the chains of the Giurgeu Mountains, from where the views on the basin are breathtaking (East): the basin, West: The Salty Region. In good weather conditions the peaks of Bucegi, Piatra Craiului, Fagaras can be seen. On a ridge we return to the Gheorgheni basin and we spend the night near Csomafalva.

Distance: 25 km.

3rd Day

Leaving the borders of Ciumani we cross the River Mures and then we lead our ways towards Sugo Cave.

Returning in the Gheorgheni basin we arrive at Sugo Cave by crossing the Sipos ridge. After a visit in the cave and a well-deserved picnic we arrive back to our starting point.

Distance: 25 km.